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About ES Edit

Welcome to Eclipsed skulls, here are things about the clan. Tag: You shall have a blood red tag, the Leader has a star showing there leadership, Deputy has a leaf showing they have forest skills that are worth being deputy, Kits have the bunny showing there tiny selves, Queens have a heart showing there love for everyone especially there kits, Elders have zios showing the fact they are old, Apprentice have the paw showing there skills, and Warriors have a lightning picture making it look like a claw mark, and last the Medic apprentice and Medic him/herself get a flower for their med skills . Rules: No double clanning, be nice to your clanmates no fighting or else harsh consequences may be used. How to get exiled: Killing a clanmate out of anger. Disobeying your leader. And last double clanning. Animals: Leader, deputy, queens, elders, medic HAVE to use regular wolves. Kits, non-member apprentices HAVE to use bunnies. Member apprentices HAVE to use regular foxes arctic foxes are aloud but we would STRONGLY suggest regular foxes. Names: We allow rogue names and clan names but yes we are a rogue clan. Vocab: We strongly suggest learning vocab and if you can't type advanced partly vocab is fine. Territories: Brazos, Sarepia, Mt.shiveer, Zios, and Coral Canyons.

Intro Edit

You cry out, your muscles screeching in protest as you move on. The land your walking on is horrible smelling,wet, marshy land, your paws sinking into the marsh as you struggle to pad onward. You look around wildly your eyes not adjusted to the eery dark of the marsh land. Panting and flailing your front paws at the mosquitoes buzzing around your ears and sucking the blood out of your pelt. The moon suddenly shines on you as you adjust to the bright light you stare at your blood sodden pelt and your scars. You think, I have to stay strong, I have to stay strong...., as you complain in your head about the icky marshy ground ,as if starclan answered your prayers, you step onto hard soil. " Yes! " You cry aloud collapsing on the hard soil. You smile not believing your luck. You look up the moonlight shining before you. Gasping, your eyes stare into the darkness. " Salutations young one, " a stunningly beautiful silver and grey she-cat stares down at you from a large daunting rock, your eyes flicker around nervously as multicolor eyes stare at you from the dark. " Welcome to Eclipsed Skulls. "

Leaders, Alphas Edit

Dakota, Lucky487,( Lunar for people without free chat ), A stunningly beautiful grey she-cat with a silver underbelly and a white leaf like pattern. Mate: None. Kits: None. Apprentice: None. Siblings: None.

Deputy Edit

Medic Edit

Ash Lucky5642 A striking handsome grey tom with white splashes. Mate: None. Kits: None. Apprentice: Panthera Jaimee7929. Siblings: None.

Medic apprentice Edit

Panthera Jaimee7929 A beautiful ebony shecat, with a silvery underbelly, she is missing her left front leg and is badly scarred Mate: None. Kits: None. Siblings: None.


Sparrow Jammerblue1111 A handsome pale tom with a dark grey underbelly and a crimson moon-like pattern. Mate: None. Kits: None. Siblings: None.

Alabasterpelt Firebolt446 A handsome all white tom. Mate: None. Kits: None. Siblings: None.

Ashclaw Icerockstar A handsome black tom with a white underbelly and black splatters. Mate: None. Kits: None. Siblings: None.

Steelclaw Wyatt38240 A handsome dark grey tom with a silver underbelly and black lightning-like slashes. Mate: None. Kits: None. Siblings: None.

Darkpelt Ponny44 A handsome black tom with a pale underbelly, Mate: None. Kits: None. Siblings: None.

Ashfur Thestarprophecy A beautiful silver and grey she-cat, Mate: None. Kits: None. Siblings: None.

Sunstep Phantom52293 A handsome silver tom with grey patches and a white underbelly. Mate: None. Kits: None. Siblings: None

Queens Edit

Darkness Happysnowywolf2016 A beautiful black she-cat with dark grey splatters on her pelt. Mate: None. Siblings: None. Kits: Coal Blackops2456

Fawnwhisker xxrosegardenxx Oak brown she-cat with a beech brown underbelly. Mate: None. Siblings: Willowbreeze Discochicken. Kits: None.

Apprentices Edit

Skypaw M18871 A beautiful brown she-cat with a black underbelly and paws. Mate: None. Siblings: None. Mentor:

Sandypaw Kayla92410 A handsome pale tomcat with a oak brown fire-like pattern. Mate: None. Siblings: In another clan. Mentor: Sparrow Jammerblue1111

Elders Edit

Kits, Pups Edit

Coal Blackops2456, stunningly handsome black tomkit, Mother: Darkness Happysnowywolf2016. Father: None. Siblings: None.

Dawnkit Jam14774 A beautiful tan shekit, Mother: Fawnwhisker xxrosegardenxx. Father: Owlfang Warriorcatlover37 Siblings: Leafkit Bluestaryay Stormkit Sharksandseals

Stormkit Sharksandseals A handsome grey tomkit with a silver pattern. Mother: Fawnwhisker xxrosegardenxx. Father: Owlfang Warriorcatlover37. Siblings: Leafkit Bluestaryay Dawnkit Jam14774.

Hawkkit Mightyspeedytiger6 A handsome brown tom with grey patches. Mother: None. Father: None. Siblings: None.

Snowykit Zingerpig A beautiful pale shekit with a black pattern on her flank. Mother: None. Father: None. Siblings: None.

Silverbirch 100wolfpack. A pale silver tabby tomkit with dappled, white flecks and his tail cut short by twolegs. Mother: None. Father: None Siblings: Panthera Jaimee7929

Southern Trickywi19 A beautiful silver shekit with a grey moonlike pattern. Mother: None. Father: None. Siblings: None.

Allies ( Check out there wikis too! ) Edit

The Midnight Hound. Alpha: Xenon Wolfnicco. A large group of canines/wolves.

Ships Edit